Monday, February 22, 2021


 I have a habit of starting things, getting bored, packing the project up into a storage container, and stashing it under my cutting table.  

And there they all are.  Lots of them waiting for me to finally decide to see what might be interesting to work on for a change.  Many of these containers have multiple projects in them.

This little basket looked interesting.  Lots of 3 1/2 cut squares.

Along with this additional stack of 3 1/2 inch assorted blue cut squares.  

I will say one thing in my favor I always include the pattern or picture of my idea and extra fabrics.  Often just a picture likes this keeps me clued into what I had in mind in the first place.  

And I have a project to work on and a plan to save it from the growing stack of UFO's stacked under the cutting table.

Last week's scrap quilt project is finished.  I still don't think it is a raving beauty.  Fortunately my charity group are not overly picky and do not expect heirloom quilt tops.  I had hoped to empty my scrap bin of colorful scraps.  That did not happen.  There is still about 1/4 of that large pin filled back up.  

My daughter's peacocks have been raiding their neighbors walnut orchard this weekend.  A new large and tall fenced and netted roofed pen is in the process of being constructed to contain them.  It is not quite done, and they managed to escape on Saturday and made their way to the neighbors orchard and eventually were found laying around their swimming pool in the afternoon sun.  Fortunately the neighbors are nice people and found the five invaiders lounging around their pool to be quite humorous.  


  1. I actually like the scrappy top. :) How funny about the peacocks. I would love having s
    exotic visitors!

  2. Wow! You did that Log Cabin quilt in a WEEK??? I think it is beautiful! You are so generous to donate it to a charity group. I would have to laugh too if I found 5 peacocks lounging by the pool!

  3. Great use of scraps! The blue blocks are very pretty.

  4. Love the "new" found project! Good luck with this week's goals and thanks for linking up.

  5. Hi DonnaleeQ! Wow - those are quite a few containers stored under your table. Is it a condition of out of sight, out of mind? I applaud you for opening one and feeling inspired. I really like the direction you're going on the Martindale pattern. It's pretty and I love your fabrics. Raving beauty?! I think it is a beauty - I don't know about the raving part. It's a fabulous charity quilt, I think. I can imagine someone following the line as it changes to a different fabric. I'll bet those walnuts were to delicious to avoid - and who doesn't like to sun by the pool?!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Hi,
    I really like the "not a raving beauty" colorful. Those
    peacocks seem to have the right idea. Laying in the sun sounds
    wonderful! Have a great day!

  7. Boy I really like your scrappy top! I just am drawn to all the color. But that blue and cream one - oh I love it too!! Go you!

  8. I like your scrappy charity quilt and think it would be enjoyed for its brightness alone. I just crack up each time you talk about the peacocks! Thank gooness the neighbors find it humorous!

  9. Sounds like you made a nice dent, even if you didn't manage to use them all. Nice quilt too!

  10. So brave to show your fabric bins! I too and finding some " forgotten" ufos. I soon find out why they were forgotten tho! I am determined to finish them so I am not letting them slide back into the time capsule! Good luck to both of us!
    Stay safe and sew on !

  11. I do the same thing with a project -good projects to finish and start