Monday, March 23, 2020


Like so many here in the United States and other countries too I am hunkered down at home.  After a week or two one gets a bit stir crazy and decides to take on a sewing task that has been put off for over a year.  And, an insane one at that.  
Last winter I decided my king size comforter and cover was way to heavy and large.  This winter I used our guest double bed comforter and it worked really well.  So I decided to tackle the task for taking that king size comforter and cover down a good 20 plus inches all the way around.  Thank goodness the filling of the comforter is not feathers and was divided up with stitching about every 10 inches or so.  I just started cutting and turning under edges.
However, the cover itself was a whole other task.  It basically had to be taken apart and completely remade.  I could have bought the cover in a smaller size, it was still available.  However, the original cover cost a near fortune and the smaller size wasn't much cheaper.  I figured the worse case was I could always scrap it and buy the replacement if things really got bad.  
Things worked out very well, and I am just cutting down and pinning the last size seam.  
And the finished product.  It just covers the top of the bed with little hang over on sides or bottom.  
Now I am back to working on something a bit more fun.  One of the last rows of my SOS Charity Guy Quilts for my guild.
Just a few more rows to add and its done and on to something else.
We ran a gift out for my daughter's husband's birthday this week and walked around the property for a bit keeping our 6 feet distance as directed by our state governor.  For those fans of my daughter's pets, meet Colonel Sanders having a nice dust bath in the afternoon sun.  
And his lady friend.  My daughter picked them up off the highway on the way home one afternoon before they became chicken patties in the roadway.  They are a bit on forced separation from the rest of the chicken gang right now as the Colonel is the jeolous type and picks fights with the other rooster when he comes near her.  Who can blame him she is quite the beauty at least he thinks so.  


  1. Good job on the coverlet! Love that color combination and the big print. Nice man's quilt fabrics--I have a few charity quilts to do as well. Mostly I need to get batting for the tops. My nephew keeps chickens and has a popular IG channel--he is hilarious and always has been. No roosters in his coop though! His favorite hen is named Louise.

  2. Kudos for you for taking on that huge challenge! I don't think I would have attempted it. I've made a goal of finishing some quilt tops during the "quiet" time. I'm trying to quilt one top a week. I'm ready to do a top that was donated to my local guild. It's poly and cotton, really old fabric... not very exciting. I found a backing months ago. Now it's ready to be loaded on the long arm. well, after I piece the backing together. Take care of yourself.

  3. Hi Donnalee! Great job on your comforter/cover! I don't know if I would have tried it - I probably would have just put up with it being too big. HAHA! It sure looks nice on your bed - I love the print. Your SOS quilt is turning out fab. It does have a guy-tone to it. Someone will surely feel all the love you've sewn into it. Thanks so much for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Crafty folks are most impressive. I flunked Home Economics in high school. I can't sew a straight line.

    Good looking rooster.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. That certainly was a huge job to tackle - congrats on finally pulling it off!

  6. Great job on the coverlet - no time like the present to get those insane jobs done!
    Always love the birds, how sweet the new rooster is sticking by his sweetheart. Thanks for linking up at the Chameleon’s colour and inspiration party.

  7. Great job on the coverlet! I really like the mans quilt you are working on now!

  8. Well Done! Love that beautiful, beautiful fabric from which the cover is made.

  9. You and your projects inspire me!!
    So glad your bed project turned out!!
    Take care!!

  10. Your comforter conversion turned out great and I love the chickens! Any quilt inspiration there?

  11. Rooster with an attitude -- I love it! :-)

  12. So funny. That girl is obviously a keeper but Col Sanders had his eye on her first! So glad that didn't become chicken patties! Thanks for the happy post. Reminds us that life is good. Have a safe week!

  13. Love seeing the pets and hearing about their adventures. Your charity quilt certainly looks perfect for a guy. I know someone is going to love it! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.