Monday, December 9, 2019


I spent a couple days this past week working on making a couple of Christmas Stockings for my granddaughter and her boyfriend.  I ran across a free pattern provided by Bernina's We All Sew.  It actually gives patterns for three different stockings designs.  
The first one had you do a strip set of 7" by 16".  Then cut out these various shapes.
The first decoration was easily made.  The directions are so easy.  
Before I knew it I had them all put together and the stocking front was done.  
And in no time at all, just an afternoon for a couple hours a fully lined, quilted stocking was completed for my granddaughter.  
I decided to try the second stocking in a different pattern with some more manly fabric ideas.  The strip set was 17" by 20" and I had fun putting in some strips with some wording on them.  
The backing like the first one I made is just a cut from a single fabric.  However, I found this backing fabric that I used as one of the strips on the front worked really well.  It is just plain cute.  
I did discover that using invisible tape to hold the pattern on the fabric works so well.  No pinning to ruin the pattern and the tape comes right off the fabric with not problem.  On top of that the tape stays on the paper pattern and provides a nice strength for the pattern edges for future use.  
Both stockings were quilted with a diagonal straight stitch.  I used a Frixon pen to draw lines one inch apart, then the markings iron right off.  The lining is completely separate, so you quilt right on the fabric and batting.  I use thin cotton batting, and there didn't seem to be any problem with the feed dogs on the machine handling the batting against them.  
And stocking number two is done.  Actually the second one went faster than the first as I did not have to do the ornaments.  I think they are both so cute.  They have become somewhat addictive.  Wish I could find someone to make another for.  
For those chicken fans.  Here is Orbey.  The contractors came a couple weeks ago to construct a new chicken yard for him and his family of 26.  It seems he felt it necessary to supervise the construction site.  
My daughter's peacock Fred could care less, he was just too busy showing off.  



  1. I love your stockings! I was thinking I might need to make one for my son's gf...if they visit my house over the holidays!

  2. Hi Donnalee! WOWEE. Fred is gorgeous - Mr. Showoff. The female peacocks probably weren't interested at all. Orbey cracks me up sitting atop the wheelbarrow and checking on things. But back to the main attraction - your stockings are just GREAT. I love the second 'manly' edition. I adore those colors and how you fussy cut the strips for the wording to show. Really nice job - I'll bet granddaughter and her boyfriend are thrilled. Well, your granddaughter anyway. I'm not sure guys are ever thrilled about something like a Christmas stocking. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Your stockings are adorable, and definitely do look fun to make! Orbey and Fred are quite impressive, too!

  4. I made 3 or 4 stockings this year. None of them were as cute as your Ornament stocking. LOVE it!!

  5. Love your Christmas stockings. You're so talented.

    I especially liked the two birds. Supervising indeed and peacocks know how to show off.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  6. What a beautiful labor of love! Those stockings are gorgeous and will be keepsakes for many years to come. Orbey looks like he was born to be a supervisor and Fred, the peacock, is stunning.

  7. Pretty stockings! As are both Orby and Fred, strutting their stuff!

  8. Your stockings are so cute. It's been many a year since I have made any so it was fun to look at yours. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Those are adorable!! that first one is SO unique!!!

  10. The stockings are absolutely fabulous! Of course Orbey had to supervise! Fred really is a showy guy, isn’t he?


  11. The stockings are gorgeous, I'll have to go check out the patterns. Thank you for linking up to Put the love of geese.

  12. Lovely stockings! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.