Tuesday, March 26, 2019


My quilt guild does a workshop every March to celebrate National Quilt Month.  Our usual project is making pillowcases for a children's hospital in the area.  Annually we churn out about 150 to 200 each year at this event. 

Some of our crew sewing away.  Well we do take a break for lunch too.
My first one done.  Nice bright fun colors.
And two more to the project added.
And the final finish for me for the day.  Have to love those bugs!
And just for giggles.  For those who might remember that my daughter lives out in the country and keeps adding to her country pet population.  These guys were out and about yesterday after a good rain, doing some worm and bug clean up duty.  She calls them her pest control service.  That rooster has five hens as well, but they were probably off getting into her garden eating her baby tear and newly planted flowers. 


  1. Those natural bug control services are awesome! LOL! Love all of the pillow cases!

  2. Kids love those bright pillow cases. That is so awesome that your guild stitches pillow cases up on National Quilt Day!

  3. Good evening Donnalee! What a great way to spend and celebrate NQM. Each of those pillowcases are fabulous, but I especially love the bug one. I know a certain young man who would just love that! ~smile~ Roseanne