Friday, July 6, 2018


This plan was started with an idea in mind.  But some how best made plans don't seem to always work out.
I even finished this one Dresden.  Here it is all sewn down and ready to start on a new one.  But, for some reason it just did not make me feel like it was working with what I had in mind.
It measures 16.5 inches so I think will will just end up making a pillow out of it.  
So it was time to see if I could make a better start.
This was more like what I had in mind.  So I tried another one.
Yes, this is more like it!  This one  is even better.  
Now I was getting somewhere.  And I continued on.  
I have four done, just have to appliqué the blades and centers down.  A couple new backs are cut for some additional ones with the blades all cut and ready to put together.  I have tons of fabrics, but have had to order two more lines to go with them.  The particular idea I have in mind seems to require a lot of fabric choices.  I have several more fabrics selected to put together, but I need 20 blocks so I am going to have to add more fabric choices to the mix.        


  1. I am helping a friend with her guild program about dresdens. You have inspired with your centers to try something new. Thank you!

  2. Pretty blocks, I love the one with the bee in the center!

  3. I actually really liked the one you didn't. I like how you see the design better than the 2nd option...I think because of the contrast? But, all are very pretty and you'll have a wonderful quilt when finished. Sometimes colors and designs make us feel differently and you gotta go with your gut feeling.

  4. Fun fussy cut centres! Enjoy your hand stitching today!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  5. What's important is you finally were happy and that first block will be a lovely pillow. Looking forward to your next batch.

  6. Very lovely blocks. Aren't Dresden Plates fun to make???