Friday, May 25, 2018


In my area we have very few quilt stores.  So when I do my annual trip to Minnesota I take advantage of two of their just wonderful quilt stores to do a bit, lets face it a lot of shopping for fabric.  Yes, there is online shopping, but there is nothing as good as touching it and seeing it in person.
My first two finds were this wonderful Alison Glass Diving Board fabric.  It is a linen fabric that is so much fun.  I picked up Uncorked to go with it.  I love the gold with the blue.
This batik has a graduated dark to light print.  I plan to use it for a water background for another set of fish placemats or a table runner like the ones in my Featured Post this week.  
This particular fabric is called Fade Out.  It is a soft cream with this light blue/grey patterning.  The fabric is printed with an array of different motifs.  A wonder fabric to use in place of solid whites or creams in projects.  
Biscuits and Gravy, an odd name for this particular line.  So cute, now what to make with it.  
Indie Folk by Pat Bravo Art Galley.  I bought fat quarters of this entire line some time back and made a quilt with it using up every last square inch of it.  I loved these two pieces in that line so picked them up to use someday in something else.  Stash building!
 Last but not least.  Again some white or off white/cream fabrics to use as backgrounds.  So hard to find them, so I grab them up when I see them.


  1. so, so fun to shop with you!!

  2. I would love to see a picture of the quilt you made with the Indie Folk fabric. I am working on a quilt from that line myself.

    1. You can see my post in the 2017 area of my blog, go down to Friday 11/17/2017 to the post named This and That. There is a picture of the blocks I made with the Indie Folk fabric.

    2. Love the blocks. Really love these fabrics. Thank you

  3. I love your new acquired fabrics! I love your fish placemat too. Store shopping is so much better than online stores.

  4. Fabric shopping serves a lot of purposes, including satisfying the creative soul :) Lovely choices there.

  5. You picked up some wonderful pieces to work with. Love the Biscuits & Gravy (name and fabric!) I agree, there's nothing better than touching and seeing the fabric in person.


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