Friday, January 13, 2017


I belong to our local quilt guild, over the last several years I have been involved with our semi annual quilt shows and served as treasurer for three years as well.  Michelle was in charge of the basket raffle, but her home is very small, so I volunteered to store all the articles coming in from guild members in our guest bedroom.
The show set up is one week from today and the show will run on Saturday and Sunday the 21st and 22nd.  Michelle and I got together here yesterday and we loaded all the offerings into baskets coordinated with patterns, books, and fabrics.  There is a knitting basket, a golf basket, a child's art case, and of course all kinds of quilting baskets with books, and patterns.  These will all be set up and show attendees can purchase a raffle tickets for $1.00 each and put them into a jar in front of the basket of their choice.  We have 26 baskets spread out all over the guest bed ready to go to the show venue.  At the end of Sunday a ticket will be drawn for each basket.
My antique quilts are almost ready to take to the show for a bed turning exhibition.  There is a bit of a funny story about these quilts.  I was visiting my friend Brooke in Idaho for a week and my husband called me to tell me he had gone to a garage sale and bought me three antique quilts and the stand for $10.00.  Well, I am not much of a fan of ratty old antique quilts that could possibly be purchase for $10.00, but the thought was nice right!
I got home and the quilts were in perfect condition except they were yellow with cigarette smoke, and they smelled awful.  I had no choice I tossed all three into the washing machine and ran them through twice and hoped for the best, and yes I did the unforgivable and ran them through the dryer on delicate too.  Remember I am not much of a fan of antique quilts, so please do not call the quilt police on me.  However, despite my abuse they came out in like new condition.  No rips, no stains, and all that hand stitching without a break or seam opened, and they no longer smelled awful and the white fabrics are now white.  The red and white one has an embroidery date of 1929.
And last my three quilts that will be hung in the show are ready as well.  So it is a finish so I am linking up with:



  1. such great memories - all around!!

    wish you all the best with the show!

  2. The basket raffle sounds like fun, and a great fundraiser too. The antique quilts are beautiful and how thoughtful of your husband to pick them up for you (and the stand too!). Even better that they stood up to the washing and drying.

  3. what a great find! (and what a sweet hubby!!) This is a good reminder to me to quit being lazy about labeling my quilts, too, so thanks for that.
    Enjoy the show ~ Tracy

  4. Those baskets look very tempting! Good luck with the show, looks like it's going to be a good one. :)