Friday, December 23, 2016


I have been working on this scrap quilt for several weeks.  Just a row or two now and then.  It is done.  It will be going to my guild's charity program Warm Wrappings. They will provide the back and quilt it, but I did provide a binding sewn together and ironed in half.  I originally purchased the fabric to make a wall hanging.  See the Featured Post for that wall hanging.
I guess I over bought fabric a bit.
 The strips are 12 inches by and 2 1/2 finished.  It ended up 72 by 80 before I ran out of scraps.  The cream strips are Kona, but I have no idea what color cream.  I should mark them with a tag when I buy them to be able to distinguish the color, but sometimes I forget.  
It is a long coming finish so I am linking up with: 


  1. Beautiful simple quilt. It will change someone's day, week, outlook.

  2. Simple patterns really are the best. It's a cozy quilt top!

  3. ROFL!! You just made a 72" x 80" quilt top of scraps from a WALL HANGING?!?! (Like me) you MIGHT have over bought. Better to have too much, than not enough!!! Your group's charity is a worthy beneficiary.

  4. Great colors! I love the simple pattern