Wednesday, November 2, 2016


At a recent quilt show I purchased a new magnetic quilt hanging system.  I am now able to hang some wall hangings in our entry.  It will also allow me to hang several different sizes, and no holes in the wall.  I made this wall hanging a couple years ago and it is a favorite of mine for this time of year.
I especially like how I quilted it.  
My geese are done as well, so they replaced the leaves at the end of my hallway.  Hmmm I am thinking geese might be a great fall hanging if I did them in more orange, red, or brown fabrics.  Something to think about.  
 I tried a bit of a different quilting pattern as well for these geese.  As I am not skilled in free motion, I rely a good deal on trying out different quilting that can be done with my walking foot instead.  
My very best pal Brooke at Silly Mama Quilts  clued me into a new book by Jacquie Gering called Walk.  Brooke came back from Fall Market in Houston with all sort wonderful ideas.  Be sure to take a look at her post about all that fun goings there.  She also has a new video class on Skillshare.  
Since I have accomplished a bit these last few days I am linking up with.


  1. oh my goodness!!!
    thanks so much for the compliments and all the fun tips!!!
    you are the best!!

  2. Love your leaves! You'll have to share your hanging system, as I'm always looking for ways to hang quilts. Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  3. I have _Walk_ on my wish list! Jacquie's Craftsy classes are great, so I'm sure her book will be as well. Your wall changes are lovely! Did you do the leaves with a walking foot? They look perfect, and my FMQ is far from it!

  4. What pretty quilts, and I love the branch for hanging! Wendy at

  5. Such pretty projects! Really gorgeous! I'm curious to learn more about your magnetic hanging system! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. The quilting on both of these is fantastic! I especially love the leaves. I will be googling the magnetic hanging system. My husband hates putting holes in the wall and that sounds like an awesome solution! Thanks so much for linking up this week, I am sorry for being so late reading your post and commenting.

  7. Beautiful wall hanging and I am curious about your magnetic hanging system also!