Friday, October 14, 2016


I took some time this past week to get my fish ironed on to my placemat backing.  
I also got this guy appliquéd on and the quilting done on the background.  
The pattern called for sewing the appliquéd fish on with several straight stitched rows around the pieces in black.  I decided to use a dark purple thread and a small serpentine stitch.  I have three more placemats to go and each fish will be different.  

I was in Las Vegas for a week earlier this month and many of these fabrics came from a quilt store there, but I can't resist showing a couple more pictures of the wonderful Bellagio fall garden display.  This will get you into the fall season mood.

This pretty well finishes off my first Fish placemat, and the end of my vacationing for the year so I am linking up with.


  1. The fish is fun - love the hexie fabric for scales))) And the fall display is really impressive

  2. Love your fish. The background fabric is just perfect for the water.

  3. Your fish looks great! I am anxious to see them all together. Isn't it fun picking fabrics especially for a specific project, especially one that uses a variety of small pieces? You did a great job of choosing fabrics that coordinate but still give the fish lots of texture. Vegas for vaca must be tons of fun, no matter the time of the year but they sure know how to do fall!