Friday, February 12, 2016


I finished by Craftsy Block of the month project, well almost finished I still have six more star blocks to do.  This center piece has given me a considerable amount of grief.  I got the January part all done as far as the red border.  When I went to put on the dogtooth border it was too large.  I started doing some measuring and discovered I had made the hour glass, yes all fifteen of them, 1/2 inch too small.  I fumed and tried a couple of ideas trying to rescue it, which of course did not work.  I ended up remaking it to the proper size.  Amazing what 1/2 an inch repeated 15 times can do to a pattern.  
I figured I would just toss the original one, but realized it might make a perfect small table runner.  
And here it is.  Cute little item, which would have been a shame to toss.  Just goes to show that first of all it is really important to read the direction carefully, and when a project doesn't work it might not be such a problem after all.  
Well this project, at least January and February's is finished so I am linking up with.

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