Wednesday, September 30, 2015


My granddaughter asked if she could make a quilt for her boyfriend for Christmas.  However, as a college student carrying 18 units with a straight A average she doesn't have much time.  So I have volunteered to do the work.  She did select the colors and drew up the design she wanted.  
I had the three grandsons this past week, while Mom and Dad were on a business trip.  Noah my 9 year old grandson helped me iron and cut all the strips for the quilt over two evenings while they were here.  One wonderful advantage to this project is we are using up a lot of my old Thimbleberry fabrics.  I never had the heart to donate them to anyone or cause, so this is a real plus getting these out of my stash.

Over the last couple days this past weekend I have been able to finish almost half of the 88 blocks we are going to need.  The finished quilt will be 80 by 107.  She wanted it big as the young man is over six foot.  The only hope is I have enough scraps.
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  1. Love your fabric. It is truly going to be family project with all the help you've had.

  2. Such a brilliant use for those hoarded, precious scraps, here's hoping you have enough!

  3. Looks like a great start! Bless your grandson for ironing!

  4. Gosh, the color choices are rich and warm and beautiful. I'm sure your granddaughter's boyfriend will love, and you are very generous to make it.

  5. love, love it!!
    hooray for help from the boys!!