Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Indigo Blue Japanese Fabrics

I have no idea how many years ago I purchase six dark blue indigo Japanese fabrics.  Some time back I saw an article that suggested one should have an idea box.  You would use it to put pictures, and other creative ideas in it for future use.  A couple days ago I decided to look through my box and do a little bit of clean out.  The problem with this box is it sort of become like a junk drawer.  However, in it were these six fat quarters of fabric, and a little picture of this runner idea.  I took a quick trip down to a local fabric store and found a fabulous fabric with all sorts of variations in it [pictured below].  Once cut into strips it made a perfect accent in between the dark blue blocks along with a lot of variation.  This runner is for my buffet, with a finished size of 18 by 64 inches.  Now I have to quilt it.  Any ideas??????    

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