Friday, September 29, 2017


Over the last month we have been doing some remodeling and re-decoration of our master bedroom and bathroom.  This week we finally finished the painting and ordered new flooring to replace very old carpet.  One of the items we purchased was a new bed quilt.  No I didn't make one!  King size just seemed too be to much to handle right now.
So here is a picture of my bed quilt.  I took it into my sewing studio and just started pulling fabrics trying to mimic the color combinations.  I needed three mug rugs for our bedside tables and sitting room table, although I make them 12 by 12 inches a bit larger than a mug rug, and a dresser scarf 18 by 54 inches.
So here is the first mug rug ready to quilt.  I cut the squares 3.5 inches to finish out my 12 by 12 inch piece.  I thought I did pretty well with the color matches without going out and buying any new fabrics.  
And here I have meandered my quilting stitches.  I have finished this one and two more as of now including binding them in the gold fabric with the little red flowers.  The dresser scarf blocks I cut 6.5 inches and the top is finished and ready to spray baste and quilt over the weekend.  This project is pretty close to a finish.


  1. What a fun project. Perfect way to tie together the new decor.

  2. Great match with the new quilt! I don't blame you for buying a king size one; that's a lot of fabric to wrestle through your own machine. The one you purchased is very pretty!

  3. I have a purchased quilt on my bed too. One day I'll get around to making us one {hopefully} but until then I do love the one we have. I love that you made matching pieces, and from stash too!

  4. Yes, king size quilts are just too much to handle! Let's keep enjoying making smaller projects, and we can make many more of those :) Beautiful colors in the mug rug, thanks for sharing!!