Monday, May 20, 2019


I am back to making runners for our next guild quilt show.  Now I know I have until January 2021, but time flies around here.  Last show I made about 36 runners and 12 sets of 4 each placements.  I worked on them for a good six months.  This coming show I know that we may be involved in a move to another home out in the country and thus my early start.
The beer runners were a great fabric find on the free table at a guild meeting that gave me three runners.  The turquoise print another free find that meeting as well.  The red 1930 prints, which I got four runners from are the last of my de-stash of my red 1930 prints.
A nice start with 11 runners complete.  
Over the last couple days since our spring weather has taken a turn back to rainy days I complete 3 yellow runners finishing off my 1930 yellow stash.  
So since I am on a roll I cut up the rest of my blue 1930 prints to make three more runners.
And, here are the green prints to finish off.  
We came home from our River Boat trip to our Bird of Paradise in full bloom.  The little humming birds love this area of our yard.  They not only get fed but think our fountain is their spa.  We often have as many as 3 or 4 of them buzzing around. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


We have just returned from a Mississippi River Boat Cruise.  Time to get back to the quilt studio, but getting the wash, mail sorted, and grocery shopping takes a day or two.  
Wonderful food, entertainment, and tours.  
Here I am on the porch of Oak Alley sugarcane plantation.  Beautiful pre Civil War home.
No matter where we go I seem to be able to find a quilt or two.  This is an example of a pre Civil War quilt made by slaves on one of the plantations.
This quilt in remarkable condition was seen at a cotton plantation that has been operating sense the 1790's through today. 
This quilt pattern is Solomon's Puzzle.  Having recently done a quilt with drunkard's path blocks I am thinking I would like to do a small wall hanging with this pattern myself.  I really like the layout.  

Sunday, May 5, 2019


I have been working on my Birds of a Feather for YEARS!  I do mean years, as it was started in 2006.  I've put it away and pulled it out dozens of times.  Well this past week I finished the top.  
I modified the patten somewhat from the original pattern in a book called Birds of a Feather from Blackbird Designs by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.  I knew I only wanted a smaller version to use as a wall hanging, not a bed quilt.  That required me to make fewer blocks, but also put in some designed blocks of my own to fill in gaps.  This was one of the last gap fills needed.  
 And this was the very last block.  It completed the top.  
And at last the finished top.  I know I will have to quilt it my self.  I believe it will require lots of eco and leaf vine quilting.  I am not looking forward to that, but I do think I can accomplish it and hopefully it doesn't take another 13 years.
As many of you have seen, my daughter lives out in the country and has a number of birds of a feather of her own.  The Ginny Fowl and ducks were reminding her at the back door it was breakfast time.  Well looks like the ducks got a bit anxious and decided to try the front door too.  
Service must have been slow that morning.  
Husband and I are off for 10 days this next week on a Mississippi River Boat Cruise.  Back to the sewing room after the 12th.  

Friday, April 26, 2019


This week has finally had me finishing up several projects at last.
My chicken runner is complete.  Note the heart quilting on those roosters.  
My scrap bin de-stash quilt top is done.  I didn't accomplish much in the way of actually using up a lot of my scraps.  But I think this charity quilt is a winner anyway. 
This charity quilt is huge.  I got carried away and it has ended up at 63 by 72.  I did manage to use up all three fabrics though so that de-stash project is was a success.  
And last but not least the bird quilt top.  I didn't think I would every get this done.  I made a math error and ended up having to trim off 1/4 inch off each 4 sides of the four patches.  I do like these little birds though. 

Friday, April 19, 2019


I took some time out this week to start a new project.  I decided to make a table runner for my youngest daughter for Mothers' Day.  I did some exploring on the internet and came up with a couple appliqué patterns.
I pulled out some of my 1930's fabric and came up with this first block for the runner.  I love this new fusing mat.  I can completely fuse all the pieces together before I set them unto the fabric back.
I decided I needed two of these roosters.  Aren't they cute.  
What's a rooster with out a hen.
Or two.
And here we are.  Still have to put the runner together and quilt it.  
And here she is with that silly rooster.  Have to admit he is a handsome guy.  He keeps his five hens happy laying eggs.  Looks like he has my daughter under his spell too.

Friday, April 12, 2019


I reorganized my fabric stash some time ago and put anything less that a fat quarter into bins by color.
Red and pinks
Greens, beige/tan, and white/off white. 
Blues, aquas, and browns
And finally golds, yellows, purple and blacks
The plan is to make a quilt using courtyard steps.  These are my contribution to the red scraps.  
My yellow and gold.
And at last the pinks and purples.
Of course the idea is to make a dent in these stuffed to capacity scrap bins.  Well that didn't work at all.  But is was fun seeing what I could come up with.  Now to put them all together and into a quilt top.

Friday, April 5, 2019


I think we finally have spring.  Our neighbors garden sprouted out these over the last few days.  

It made me want to get to work on a spring runner for myself.  
Now to get the other blossoms on and the second half ironed down.
I had been working on this quilt top, and had all the blocks ready to go.  Somehow the math didn't work!  I now have to trim off 1/4 inch off each side of the four patches to make it fit.  Not sure how that happened.  Nothing finished this week, not even the spring weather, it rained yesterday and is supposed to again today.  I think I will move on to next week.