Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Summer is ending here.  School started Monday and the football season has started.  
We watched a scrimmage on Saturday with our grandson Elijah playing.  He is a Sophomore this year and his second year of football at the High School level.  He also played football in Middle School.
We had a time trying to pick him out in the players on the field.  No numbers on their shirts for these practice games.  Their first actual game is on Friday.  
No trouble finding this one.  Our oldest granddaughter's first day as a new High School English teacher.  We are very proud of her.  
It has been pretty toasty outside this past week.  Time to stay in with the A/C on and sew.  I continue to add to my Dresden quilt.  I have the backgrounds cut and the centers ready.
Here are the blades cut with their background fabric sample attached.  Sort of an assembly line.  I need the reminder of which blades go with which background.  
So far I have about 8 done.  However, non of them have the blades or centers sewn down yet.
The last six star blocks for my summer quilt are ready to go.  
Yes, here they are a total of 132 blocks when those last six are complete.  King Size 99 by 108 when done.  Just two pillow shams left to figure out and make.  
This week has been pretty eventful so far all the way around.  Lots of wonderful starts to finish off the summer.  


Friday, August 10, 2018


I started Gonzo well back in June last year, Gonzo Begins.  Almost a year ago exactly I finished Gonzo.  Odd name I know, but that is the name of the pattern.  I finally just in the past couple days quilted it.  It has been hanging in my quilt studio that long waiting for some inspiration to get it done.  
It has so much going on in it that simple curvy quilting seemed the best choice.  I did select all sorts of different colored threads for each row.  
So row by row I worked on each one.  
And here it is finished.  Just a binding to pop on and a hanging sleeve.  It is a finish!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Lately other stuff seems to be getting in the way of quilting around here.  
The deck outside our bedroom has started to look a very worn, so staining it seemed like a needed chore.  It is HOT here, so early this morning we were out getting it started.  
Almost done.  I do the trim work and husband rolls it.  I think it is too bright, but he says as it dries it will fade.  The color is supposed to be redwood.  Looks like red/orange to me.
The class I took a couple weeks ago is ready to quilt.  I have decided to quilt it in leaves.  I love these leaf templates and have used them so often in projects for appliqu├ęs and quilting.
So far I have it about 2/3's done.  Just the last large leaf block to get quilted.  
And it is done.  Very happy with this finish.  Still not too sure about the deck color.

Friday, August 3, 2018


This has not been much of a productive week for some reason.  It is HOT here almost 100 every day.  There have been a number of must do chores around the house, and a couple events that took me away from home.  
I did finish my Hungry Caterpillar top.  The next adventure will be to quilt it.  However, a back needed to be found first.  I thought I had one in my stash, but any fabric choice that was large enough didn't match well, and the ones that matched were not large enough.  I do not like piecing backs, so a shopping trip was in order.  Quilt stores in our area are pretty much non existent.  My husband suggested Hobby Lobby.  I have purchased Kona solids there in the past, but never other fabric.  I was not too sure of the quality of their other fabrics either.  It was worth a try.  
Well what a find.  The colors are perfect, the quality really nice, and only $8.99 per yard instead of the going rate at a quilt shop of around $12.00 plus per yard.  The real bonus was that it was on sale for 30% off.  
One event I did attend this past week was my guild's warm wrapping sew day.  These 22 inch blocks were done by me ages ago, but I had fallen out of love with them and decided to donate them to the guild.  We finished the top off on Wednesday.  Much prettier than I thought once finished.  It will go to an agency once quilted for a fund raiser event.  So I guess more was accomplished than I thought.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


A couple of weeks ago I got a call from one of our guild members that was working on the guild's art show.  She asked me to submit my Calendar Challenge piece.  I was surprised, and frankly honored to be asked.  I do not consider myself an artist.  
So, off to see the show.  I captured myself taking a photo of the gallery entry.  
And here is my submission.  Titled Violets in Abstract, for February of the Calendar Challenge.
Another guild member's submission for October.  So pretty!
This piece was done in a guild class that I did not take.  I should have, it is such a fun idea. 
This one a favorite of mine too.  There were so many lovely pieces submitted.  A great way to feature local artistic talent.  

Friday, July 27, 2018


While in Las Vegas my oldest daughter and I spent some time  working on a quilt idea for a very dear friend of hers expecting a baby boy later this year.  We finally decided on an idea, purchased fabric and had it sent to my home.  It arrived on Sunday, so I got a start on a lay out this week.
I am popping in some dot fabrics as small fillers with the Hungry Caterpillar fabric line.  
A few more orange and red dots that help as well.  
I've sent her photos of it and wait for her OK.  Then a start on sewing it together and adding more fabrics in the Caterpillar line, as I get it to the 48 by 60 inch size we are looking for.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


My husband and I spent the past week in Las Vegas with our oldest daughter and her husband.  No, we are not gamblers!  We do enjoy the multiple museums and antique shopping that city offers though.
On a trip through one of the antique shops I spied two Longaberger Baskets at a price that I could not pass up.  The company went out of business a year or more ago.  I love the baskets and have several that I purchased over many years.  However, nether had a fabric liner.  One can not have a naked basket hanging around.  
I grabbed up this small market basket for $22.50.
And this Christmas Collection from 1996 for $40.00
I have a larger market basket and this liner no longer fits it.  I washed it and it shrunk.  So, I decided to alter it to fit this smaller basket.  It ended up working out well.
I was not so lucky with the Christmas basket.  I had to make a liner.  This one turned out fairly well, although I am not completely happy with the four corners of the basket not filling in so well.  It will do for a while.
I do like how the cording went in for the top of the liner. 
I have figured out that my seams in the corners of the liner should have angled out a bit to fill in the corners better.  Lesson learned for the next try.  Maybe the old liner will fit into another basket and can go to the basket raffle at my guild's quilt show in January.  I will give it another try a bit later and see if I can master this a bit better for my own basket.