Monday, February 24, 2020


This past week I attended a quilt show boutique workshop for my upcoming guild's quilt show in January 2021.  They are always fun and you learn a few hints and tips along the way.  This particular workshop was for making zippy bags and boxes.  As I have made some of these type items myself I though it would be fun.  
These are the finishes for the day.  About 10 of us showed up and accomplished these 12 bags and 1 box.  I was able to finish up 2 of them, but I had taken fabric and supplies to make a total of 5.  So once home I had homework to do.
So here are my other three.  I decided to try the zipper boxes and they are so fun.  Very useful for all sorts of storage and take along items.  
I finished up this folio for myself this week.  I may end up teaching some of these in boutique workshops later this year.  Right now I am using them and really find them useful.  
I love using some of the fat quarter prints that come to me from my  Quilty Box monthly subscription.  Such pretty coordinating prints to work with.  
And again for you peacock fans.  Two of my daughter's male baby peacocks with their baby lady friend.  They like to lay in the garden's ground cover just beyond the patio.  But if they hear a noise they peek out.  The silly little only female she has out of the 5  is sure bold and makes all the noise.  Ear slitting screams, best property protector, she lets you know if anyone is coming for sure.


Monday, February 17, 2020


This past week I decided to take some time to do some sewing for myself.  I purchased a new book, Stitched Sewing Organizers by Aneela Hoey to give me some new fun ideas.
My first project was a See-It-All Pouch.  I had some really nice fat quarter prints that looked like they would be fun to cut into.
I ended up doing a little modification on the zipper area.  But it was just a lot of fun to make.
It ended up going together in just one afternoon.  I did make the decision to sew the binding down by hand instead of doing that on the machine I just can't get a nice binding on the machine.  
My second project was the Book and Tool Folio.  This pattern was a bit of a challenge.  I found the direction in the book difficult to understand and ended up doing a bit of winging it.  
In the end I did change the folio Pellon 72F interfacing for byAnnie's Soft and Stable.  The Pellon is a very stiff interfacing while the Soft and Stable is more of a foam stabilizer.  I do think that this book has some wonderful ideas, but it is not for a beginner.  I was glad I had some past experience with zipper installation and general sewing experiences.  With the four different storage areas the folio can handle all sorts of tools and even a couple magazines or quilt books.  
In the end I also decided on a ribbon tie rather than a button closure for the folio.  I love how it came out.  It is large enough to put a book in it along with all sorts of other goodies. 
For those fans of my daughter's pets.  Her four baby peacocks and Ginny fowl have found the mornings a bit cold, so they have found the dryer vent a perfect place to warm up. 

Monday, February 10, 2020


I think at least for the time being I can finish up the last guy charity quilt requests and I've finished up two charity quilt tops this past week and now I can get back to doing a couple of fun things for myself.  
Early last week I finished up this quilt top.  I'm not crazy about it, but Warm Wrappings my guild's charity division appreciates even this not so award winning top.
This one was a little hard to bundle up for Warm Wrappings.  It was all 3.5 inch squares out of my scrap bins, but it really is pretty.
These prints are a third guy quilt that Warm Wrappings put out a SOS for guy quilts.  They are hard to come by as so often quilts are more feminine.
So two rows have been completed with 14 blocks that measure finished at 4 by 7 inches.  I hope to have the quilt finished at 56 by 63 inches.
Time to pull out my favorite Valentine's table runner.  I made it so many years ago, but fall in love with it again and again every year when I pull it out of the closet.  
This is what I have in mind to make for myself this week.  I purchased Aneela Hoey's book Stitched Sewing Organizers this past week and intend to do some fun project for myself out of it.  It is full of some really fun ideas.

Monday, February 3, 2020


My New Year's Resolution to get some of my UFO's done seems to still be producing some results.
I finished Hidden Treasures.  This long overdue UFO is ready for the quilter.  
After digging around in the piles of unfinished projects I found this piece.  I think it is time to get it quilted.  As I am not a free motion quilter I think some straight line quilting in varied angles might do the trick on this piece and produce a nice wall hanging.  
Last year I decided to work on de-stashing my older fabrics.  Older meaning some of a good 20 years or more age.  My scrap bins were full so I though to try to deplete some of them.  These 3.5 inch squares have actually made a pretty good dent in some of my scrap bins.  
I am amazed at how fast things have progressed in just two afternoons on this project.  Plus I have emptied an entire scrap pin as well.  The four middle rows are done with 19 blocks.  I like it and think it is really cheery.  It will be given to my guild's charity division when the top is done and a prepped binding is done for it.  
Last week I posted a couple pictures of my daughter's baby peacocks.  They are now big enough to be allowed out for a bit of free roaming around their property in the afternoons.  Note the one female out of the four males she has is leading the pack.  We know who is boss now. The Ginny hens joined in the parade.  They live with the peacocks very peacefully in their fenced in yard.

Monday, January 27, 2020


I have been collecting Tilda fabrics for several years.  I've made several projects with them, which produced a good collection of scraps.  Normally I do not save smaller scraps, but send them on to a friend Michelle that uses even 2 inch pieces that I prefer to toss.
This week I decided to see if I could actually do something with this and clear out some of it.  
I got on line and offers lots and lots of free patterns.  After looking at them I discovered this pattern was a perfect solution to using up most of my scraps.
And a big surprise.  I was able to get 300 of these 2.5 by 4.5 inch rectangles out of those scraps.  Only goes to show that even little scraps can get used in a meaningful way.  I've bagged them up into 10 sandwich bags of 30 each.  I don't plan to start the Cozy Stripe Quilt yet, but when I do things should go really fast and they should make a really nice quilt somewhere in the 60 by 60 inch size with just a few long strip between rows.
For those fans of my daughter's pets.  She earlier this past summer obtained 4 baby peacocks to keep Freddy her adult peacock company.  Her hope was for a couple of ladies.  Well things didn't work out so well.  Only one is a female and the other three are males and already beginning to strut their stuff.  Looks like Freddy will have lots of completion this coming summer. 
And there she is.  The boys all trying to get her attention.  

Monday, January 20, 2020


This past week I finally finished my  Dandelion Wishes quilt.  I started it in April of 2008.  Yes, thats a really long time to get a quilt finished.  
The quilt and quilting itself didn't take long, it was the eight hand appliquéd flowers, stems, and leaves that took forever.  They were all appliquéd on after the quilt was not only quilted but even bound.
I started this quilt and showed it last week, things happened pretty quickly on it.  
And the top is finished.  It will be going to the charity division of my quilt guild for their call for more masculine quilts.  I just need to prep a binding for it.  They will provide batting and a back and quilt and bind it.  
I also started another guy quilt for the guild.  I have been using up some of my bin scrap stash for these quilts.  I have piles and piles of beige and cream fabrics so have found a way to deplete some of those piles.  

Monday, January 13, 2020


I got a SOS from my guild's charity division this last week and there is an urgent need for more quilts for boys.  It seems to be true that so many of our quilts are for girls.  So I dug into my scrap bins to see what was available.
I also dug around in the closet for some pattern ideas and came across this book.  Oh my, one of the first quilts I ever made was out of this book.  Now that was some time back in the early 90's, the book was published in 1988.  I wonder what ever happened with that quilt.  The one thing I really like about this book is that all the patterns in it use small scraps of fabrics.  It is perfect for using up those scrap bin leftovers.  
I started with these fabrics.  I love that red, however, I made a mistake.  The finished 9 patches will be 4.5 inches, so I cut the red blocks 4.5 inches.  They need to be 5 inches to finish at 4.5.  I used up all that red scrap.    
So I substituted with this red.  At this point things look pretty good.
Now I am thinking that red is a bit much.  I have more of it so maybe I can introduce it into the next row or two or replace it for something not so bright.  I guess I will just have to continue on and see how things go. Once I see how things go together, maybe a blue  quilt version from that book will be a good idea as well.