Tuesday, December 4, 2018


I decided to cut out another pattern for a charity quilt.  I have been going through old books and patterns searching out interest patterns that work with three or four fabrics only.  

This pattern worked out well, however it is a bit fussy when it comes to putting it together and getting seams pressed in the right direction to butt seams together is sometimes interesting.  

I do really like how the blocks come out.  It will be a slower sew than another I am working on, but it is pretty.  Those center cuts are 1.5 inch from the center seams of the block.  

And I have been able to get the two different fabrics I am using started and the beginning of a row.  Nice to see a sample of what the plan is going to look like.
Three of the five rows are finally complete.  I'm really happy with this quilt top so far.  

Friday, November 30, 2018


My quest to de-stash some of my fabric really went well this week.  I found a fast and easy pattern and it is really pretty made up.  So Block A with 13 of them went fast.   

I did mis-calculator on fabric and found I did not have enough of the green to do 12 Block B's.  I was not completely sure about the addition of this second fabric, but I had no choice in the matter.  

In the end the quilt came out just perfectly.  So much so that I am tempted to make another with this pattern.  The size is nice 50 by 50 inches.  

And I have a finished quilt top so I am going to link up with.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


I made this runner just a week or two ago in a different fabric.  I really like the pattern and I needed a gift for a friend that I worked with for a number of years before we both retired.  She and her husband are coming to dinner in a week or so and a gift needed done right away.  [You can see my first project done in this pattern on my Featured Post]   
I got the first block done and then realized I did not want to spend a ton of time quilting the runner in the same spiral that I did the first runner.
Blue painters tape makes wonderful straight line quilting runs.  I was reminded of this by a fellow blogger.  I usually use Frixon pens, but they do not show up well on the dark fabric I used for the centers of my blocks.  
The quilting went fast and really nice and straight.  
And the gift is done.  I love the gold block, so used that fabric for the binding.  Each blocks quilting was done in a color to match the outer fabrics.

Friday, November 23, 2018


I have a LOT of fabric.  It is somewhat out of control.  Many of my fabrics are years and years old as well.  Not always what I want to sew with these days for myself.  I have decided I must do something to reduce them.  This is just the front view of two of my closet shelves.  There are 20 piles total on just these two shelves.  Time to do something.    

I belong to a quilt guild that has a charity program that gives over 200 quilts each year to various agencies.  I plan this coming year to make as many top out of this stash in-between doing some things for myself, family, or guild challenges.  Plus it will keep me busy on something that I do not have to keep.  I have enough quilts already for our personal use.  The nice thing is I do not have to quilt what I finish for the program.  All they require is a top and binding.  
So for the start of my first top.  I selected a pattern from Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison.  I only needed three fabrics, but it does look like I will use up all three completely to finish this 50 by 50 inch quilt.  I did discover one thing about this pattern.  I had to draw out my own individual blocks instructions to make the 10.5 unfinished block sizes.  There is not an exact pattern to make each block, and each one of them is different in their layout.  Graph paper really worked well.  I drew out 11 different layouts and that should set me up to make the 25 blocks I will need.  
Row one done.
And now two rows done as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Drunkard Path Block

I have been working on a project I saw on Stitched in Color some time ago.  These 4.5 inch Drunkard Path blocks were pretty time consuming.  Plus as they are scrappy it takes a ton of time crawling through one's sash to come up with the combinations.  
But finally this week I got it all laid out on our bed and it was ready to sew together.  Yes, four blocks sewn together to make an 8 inch completed block.  And there are seven blocks in a row and eight rows.  If you do the math that was 224 of the little buggers.  And no, I don't have any idea why I decided to do this, but I am really happy I did.  I love it.  
And here it is and it is off to the quilter.

Friday, November 16, 2018


All three of my daughters and their friends are well beyond the baby years, but I still end up now and again making a baby quilt for one of my or their co-workers or one of my daughters suddenly needs a baby quilt for some one.  My supply has been depleted over the last couple years so it was time to make a couple and set them away for Just In Case situations.  
I purchased this fabric some time ago.  It is a Moda called  Savannah.  Along with the panels I bought the fat quarter brick of fabrics that go with them. 
I put together 15 of these 10.5 inch blocks.
And 10 of these blocks that were 8 by 10.5 inches.  Some of these blocks had two animals and others like this one three.  
They are just too cute.  
It didn't take long to get a good start on finishing the quilt top.  
And the top is finished.  It will go off to the quilter as soon as I get the back sewn together.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I started this project in February 2013, some things take a while to finish!  I am not sure why I set things aside for so long, but this week I decided it needed to be quilted and finished.  There was no particular reason for not quilting it, as I like it.  I just didn't!!!!

Not being a free motion quilter I went for straight lines.  I drew lines with my frixon pen, once sewn they just are gone with a hot iron.  
A here we are.  I did diagonal line quilting on it and I am pleased with the results.  And another UFO done.  

Friday, November 9, 2018

Wild Honey

My VBF Brooke a week or two ago showed the start of a project with a pattern called Wild Honey, a free pattern by Sharon Holland.
Now Brooke made it really easy for me, we had purchased the fabric together last year while I was out for my annual visit and quilt shopping sprees, so I didn't even have to figure out what fabrics to use. 
Quilting my own projects is a real challenge for me.  I don't free motion despite a 5 day class a couple years ago.  I know practice, practice, practice, but that isn't much fun.  So I used this circular quilting instead, and I think it works perfectly for this runner.  
Plus a little straight line quilting between the blocks. 

And the finished project.  I love that gold fabric!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Is It Really to Late to Make This?

At the very last minuet I have decided to make a pumpkin table runner.  Hurry hurry did not work out well.  First pumpkin upside down.  Really!!!!  The good news was I was able to unstitch all the appliqué, which I did with a hem stitch and save the backing with a press and correct it  

The second block worked out from the beginning much better.  

And before I knew it four blocks done.  I think I will be making a 10 by 40 inch runner.  So if I hurry more carefully I think I can finished it.  
And things went much better at the end than they started and it is ready for the table.  

Friday, November 2, 2018

Cat Rescue Quilt Fundraiser

On of my daughters is involved in cat rescue.   They spay and neuter stay cats by trapping them and eventually retuning them to their colonies.  They also have regular feeding schedules for the colonies.  I help out by offering some fund raising items to assist with vet bills and food.
I happened to see this really cute free cat pattern on a blog and decided I should make a runner to help out with one of their fundraisers.  
 You have to admit that this little bird insert in of the borders of the runner was just too cute to omit.  
Now cats need whiskers, but this just didn't work out so well, so I pulled out all these itty bitty stitches and made a change. 
And decided this was more like it.  My 12wt thread whispers made more of a statement.  
And the finished project.  It will go up for auction in the next week on their fundraiser site.  
However, everyone knows there are not only black cats.  So another for a future fundraiser is in progress. Black cats, orange cats and grey cats.
And here they are, just ready to hand stitch the binding.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I am a quilting tool junkie.  Rulers, sewing machine feet, and pressing sprays and tools are like a magnet for me.  I get drawn into them and have to have them.  Now the fact of the matter is that I find that for the most part they are wonderful additions to my craft.  
Now this sewing machine feet set is just the absolute best thing going for the price.  My VBF Brooke did an extensive  review on them on August 1.  You can take a look at them for your self on Madamsew.
My Janome has very few feet and this set has really broaden my ability to do other projects.  I was also able to get a Bernina adapter and use them on my 750QE machine.  Now those feet for that  Bernina machine are really pricey.  Most run $50 or more, and this entire set was about that same price as one of those feet.  Plus it came with a information booklet, a down load, and a disk to assist with how each foot works and demos of them.  
Now this is my second best purchase in the last month or so.  A wool pressing mat.  I have had issues with my irons.  I like steam, but eventually the iron leaks, spits, and eventually spits globs of yucky stuff on my projects.  I have tried cheap irons and very expensive ones.  Some friends have told me they just buy the cheapest iron they can get and when they start spitting they throw them out and buy another. I guess that works!  I decided to try an expensive iron. Yes it works nicely, but the cleaning instructions were extensive.  It appeared that cleaning it would require a good two hours or more monthly cleaning it.  You must be kidding!!!  I have decided to not use steam anymore.  I saw a couple articles on these pressing mats and decided it was worth a try.  Well it is wonderful.  It does a great pressing with no steam.  If I need a bit of moisture, I just have a spray water bottle and get just as good or even better results without risking black stuff spit out of my iron all over my piece. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


I started a quilt some time ago making a modern version of a double wedding ring quilt.  I got it about half sewn together and the rest of the pieces cut and then lost interest for a while.  My guild offered a free workshop this past weekend and I thought it a great opportunity to work on mine and maybe learn a bit more as well.  
This was our teacher's class sample.  Now I am not a great fan of Halloween or Halloween fabric but this is pretty interesting. 
And two more of her samples.  As you can see this is not grandma's idea for a double wedding quilt.
Sometimes the best thing about a class is seeing other student's ideas.  This was going to be a three ring table runner.  Her fall fabrics were wonderful.
This student was working with Asian fabrics.  

This one was going to be a child's quilt. 

I learned you can sew several fabrics together and cut them out rather than pieces the squares individually.  She cut the 6 strips 2 and 5/8 wide and then just laid her template on them and got this results.  

I thought getting this motif into the center of a ring was wonderful.

So I have mine well on its way to being done. 
Row number three on its way.
And the final plan approved by my official quilt inspector Ginger.
Learned lots including there now is a template that you do not have to cut the three pieces out to make the melons, and ironing all the seams open really does reduce the massive amount of seams and everything lays flatter.