Friday, May 5, 2017


I mention on Tuesday that I had been in Minnesota for a week playing with some of my bestie Brooke's projects.  Here is just a peek at what we dabbled in over the week.
One of the first projects we worked on was preparing some tee shirts with borders for a large tee shirt quilt.
Here I am working on a wedding quilt for one of her family members.  We had no pattern and limited theme fabric chooses which involved a number of inset blocks to fill in the spaces.  It was a challenge for ones math abilities, but in the end it not only looked wonderful, but even laid perfectly flat.  
One of our last projects was this quilt.  However we ran into a little problem.  The pattern made a 60 by 72 inch quilt, and Brooke needed it to be 80 by 90 inches.  The pattern could be widened but not lengthened.  
After much fusing and frantic scratch paper drawing we determined  to solve it with a pieced border.  
The 10 inch finished blocks at the bottom of the picture was our solution.  We made 30 of them and placed them all around the four sides. 
Projects on their way to being finished and time for me to head on home so I am linking up with an end to my wonderful visit with the best friend ever so I'll link up with:


  1. All of those projects look great, but I really love the the pieced border you used, a great way to expand the quilt.

  2. Great problem solving! Those pieced blocks are the perfect solution for lengthening the quilt.

  3. I love your pieced blocks, but I also love your name. My real name is Donna Dee. We are closely named.

  4. I had to come back and look at your sneak peeks from quilting with your friend as mentioned Tuesday. You two did some fine problem solving. That t-shirt quilt is look'n good!

  5. lovely post!!
    thanks so much for coming to visit!!
    you are the best!

  6. I enjoy sewing with my quilting buddy. And, we enjoy taking stray blocks and putting them into a quilt often with lots of extra little pieces to fill in the spaces. You guys did a great job.

  7. All of that looks like such fun! And quilters ALWAYS make it work! Love the solution!!