Tuesday, June 26, 2018


I almost always have several things all going at once.  I guess I am ADHA maybe.  I get bored easily and move on to something else, but I do eventually get back to things I started way back then and I do finish them, well sometimes if I do not fall out of love with them.  
I did not fall out of love with this piece.  It has two of my favorite fabric colors in it that gold and green.  Plus grey is one of my favorite neutrals.  I am off to quilt it and make it a table topper.
If you follow me at all you know that I have fallen in love with Dresden plates.  Over sever years I have purchased some wonderful pieces that make this idea a real wonderful project to try.
My idea is to make 5.5 inch blades, yes that is pretty big and they will require a 15.5 inch background to put them on.  I will need 20 of them and every one will be different.  The size of the quilt will be 60 by 75 inches.  
The first block will be the blue background with a center circle of the pink.  I will fussy cut that prink print to include one of the pretty leaves.  
And thank goodness this is my last flip and sew runner for my guilds boutique booth at our January 2019 quilt show.  I have done my duty and made 6 of them, with another 15 in other fabrics along with 6 sets of placemats included 4 in each set.  Now it is on to some fun stuff for me. 

Thank you all  for the help fixing blogger.  I finally got it working thanks to so many of my blogger friends.  



  1. Donna, I am excited by your giant Dresden plates and I can't wait to see them! I just finally found a fix for the Blogger comment problem that worked for me. I don't remember whose blog I read it on. Go into your blogger settings, under Settings, Posts Comments and Sharing. Change your Comment Moderation email to a DIFFERENT email address than the one you normally use -- even a made-up one -- and click the orange Save Settings button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Now change the email address back to the one you want comment notifications to go to and click the Save Settings button again. This will cause Blogger to automatically send you an email INVITING you to moderate comments for your blog, with a link to click that proves you gave Blogger PERMISSION to send you the emails. Once you click the link to accept that invitation, you will start getting your comments sent to you automatically via email again. Just an extra step of red tape so Blogger can comply with all the new privacy concerns!

  2. It could be boredom...or, it could be that there are so many beautiful fabrics out there that we are on inspiration overload? :-) I know how happy some of these color combos make me...and I just want to keep the ideas flowing (into more projects)! LOVE those Dresden plates!

  3. It's more fun to have several projects going at once, no boredom that way. I, too, am crushing on Dresden Plates these day. Your palette for them looks lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing your results.

  4. love, love the cool runner project!
    so glad to hear you have resolved your problem with blogger!!

  5. Boredom is a problem here. That's why I don't make large quilts with repetitive blocks. Small projects are a lot more fun!

  6. Love the gold and green table topper! Dresden Plates are such fun, so many design varieties to make a quilt. Looking forward to see the progress.

  7. I'm not sure if boredom is my problem, or if it is just that there are so many amazing quilting possibilities to pursue! You have several nice projects going, and even some finishes! Love Dresden plates.

  8. Great projects! I think many of us love working on several things at a time!