Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BAG #9

It is pecan harvest at our house.  That means the entire kitchen, laundry, living and dining rooms are taken over with boxes, buckets, and bowls of pecans in various stages of harvest.
No we are not farmers!  We have two BIG 40 foot pecan trees on the side of our home.  Every fall we end up with this project. 

 I really should not say WE, as I do not participate in any way with the knocking of these trees, or the drying, hand cracking, and drying again of the pecans.  This is all my husband's baby.  However, I do have to deal with the complete take over I my kitchen and the pecan shells all over the dining room floors.  

Gallon Bag #9, no this is not the end or the finish of pecan harvest. We probably are not even half way through.  Do our neighbors and friends love us and even more our crop.  OH YES!  Me not so much.  Besides cleaning up cuts into my quilting time!!!!!  As this is truly a work in progress I am linking up with

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  1. gee i have priced pecans in the store and i would say you have a serious cash crop there...they look delish!