Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Setting aside a project for a bit of time really helps to get one back into the groove of making some positive progress.  
This block number 7 went really fast.  However, my pattern setting is some what different.  I just was not able to get all the leaves and vines set down, as the pattern showed in the book.  I finally decided to just use my own creative license on it.  It was very perplexing as this usually doesn't happen to me.  
A side piece to block 7 was a curved strip.  I decided to try using freezer paper to cut out my pieces.  This worked so well.
The first two blocks of the eight pieces went together perfectly.  
And it finished off easily as well.  I thought it sort of an odd pattern, but decided not to question the book.  
Now it is on to block 8 cutting leaves, leaves, and more leaves.  I am using a very light fusible, and I cut out, donut, the centers so the pieces are soft.
So it is on to laying out this block along with bias stems.  
And here is block 8 all ready to begin the process of blanket stitching down the leaves, birds, and nest.  Evenings spent hand appliqué on the stems.  I guess it is on to setting up blocks number 9.


  1. Oh this is such a lovely block and you are sewing it beautifully--I am really getting into applique--I use the template with starch turn under method..and find that relaxing to sew on either by hand or machine...I cannot abide needleturn--it makes me very nervous somehow...I guess we all have to find our own methods. Your bird looks lovely hugs, Julierose

  2. Beautiful applique! This will be stunning when it is altogether. I like handwork and I do like applique, but haven't been as successful with needle turn. I would rather starch the edges over a template of some kind.

  3. This is such a beautiful project to enjoy the process of stitching! Love your choice of fabrics and your stitches are perfection! Thanks for sharing your progress!

  4. Wow! The blocks look great, and you're making such good progress!

  5. Looking good! I love all of Alma and Barbs patterns! I have taken classes from Barb and Alma...they are nice down to earth gals. The funny thing about Barb is that for years I had been speaking with her on the phone almost weekly for years and never put two and two together that she was THE Barb Adams! I ran a dental office and used the lab she worked at...small world!

  6. I really love the applique blocks. The birds are so lovely, and I really love how the stems and leaves look!

  7. This looks really lovely, your creative licence worked extremely well.