Tuesday, July 24, 2018


My husband and I spent the past week in Las Vegas with our oldest daughter and her husband.  No, we are not gamblers!  We do enjoy the multiple museums and antique shopping that city offers though.
On a trip through one of the antique shops I spied two Longaberger Baskets at a price that I could not pass up.  The company went out of business a year or more ago.  I love the baskets and have several that I purchased over many years.  However, nether had a fabric liner.  One can not have a naked basket hanging around.  
I grabbed up this small market basket for $22.50.
And this Christmas Collection from 1996 for $40.00
I have a larger market basket and this liner no longer fits it.  I washed it and it shrunk.  So, I decided to alter it to fit this smaller basket.  It ended up working out well.
I was not so lucky with the Christmas basket.  I had to make a liner.  This one turned out fairly well, although I am not completely happy with the four corners of the basket not filling in so well.  It will do for a while.
I do like how the cording went in for the top of the liner. 
I have figured out that my seams in the corners of the liner should have angled out a bit to fill in the corners better.  Lesson learned for the next try.  Maybe the old liner will fit into another basket and can go to the basket raffle at my guild's quilt show in January.  I will give it another try a bit later and see if I can master this a bit better for my own basket.


  1. Nice finds! I have tons of Longaberger baskets and was so sad when they went out of business. What a loss to that community. Still use the old (pre-2000) baskets every day, though!