Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I finished my new runner.  I tried out a new idea for quilting it and it worked out well.  I have a problem even after a four day class on free motion quilting so I am always working on ways to get around that issue.  
I sort of copied what my quilter did on my Blue Dahlia quilt.  I think it worked well.  And the front with this really nice binding.  I liked the contrast. 
I also took some time to make myself a thread catcher container.  I often take class with my guild and once a month sew with my charity quilt group.  We usually meet at a church or other facility and try to make sure we have not left a mess for others to clean up. I have been using the lid to my pin container, but because is so shallow the thread cuttings end up on the floor.  So I was determined to solve that problem.  
I had some left over deco fabric from some bags I made so purchased a front fabric.  I really like this idea of the squares cut out of the bottom of the bag to make the box corners.  That little step was new to me, but it really works well.  
Here is the inside also with the cut corners.  
And it is done.  It is not very large only about 10 inches long and about 6 inches wide.  Perfect to catch those cut threads and snips of fabric.  
The inside too.  Once I got done I pressed really well the bottom four sides and the four sides so instead of looking round it is now a rectangle shape.  I might just make the larger size, as I still have lots of left over fabric.


  1. Neat bowl. I really like the fabric combination.

  2. I really like the wavy quilting on your runner, and that binding contrast is great, it really pops! Love the thread catcher container, that is a great idea! Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday this week!

  3. Sorry you had some problems! The quilting looks good to me. LOVE that thread catcher that you made!!

  4. Hi,
    I thought you had a thread problem while quilting - I'm glad that wasn't the case. Love the rectangle basket - such a good idea and the fabrics are fun. That is a great idea - I might need to make one myself. Hmm. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. oh my goodness!!
    love, love your thread catcher/bowl!

  6. The quilting fits the runner perfectly - nice job! And a very good looking thread catcher. I'm sure you'll have others asking for one! Thanks for sharing today.

  7. Now a thread catcher is a super idea, love it! Your wavy quilting looks very effective! Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'