Monday, March 22, 2021


I have had a pretty productive week.  My quilt guild activities still consumed a bit of time.  I am the treasurer and March began the fiscal year, so budgets and trying to arrange a budget meeting with the board under our still somewhat restricted Covid rules took a bit of my time.  However, I did manage to get a good deal of afternoon sewing time in.

I am not a free motion quilter.  Despite a 5 day intensive class I still can't manage it.  Over the years I have learned to resort to all sorts of alternatives.  I have this bin full of paper templates.  It had been some time since I had used them.  But, once I started quilting my daughter's rooster runner I determined they were just the perfect tool to use.

I can easily sew on a line and rarely miss.  Just shorten up the stitches a bit and the paper tears off with ease.  

I have numerous templates in multiple sizes so things are progressing really well with quilting it. 

I also continued to work on my art project.  I ended up adding grass by using the double stitch and 12wt thread.  I have a boat load of 12wt threads so I found some really nice greens and even some browns to add.

I put some little pink petal flowers on.

Then added some more stems with a zig zag stitch and 12wt thread and some simple oval blossoms.

Not sure I am done.  Husband thinks I need something in the middle and on the left side.  He is a good critic so I am thinking about that for a day or so and see where that goes.  

This is a morning of egg collections from my daughter's hens.  Busy little ladies very hard at work.

My daughter is also hard at work preparing for her spring vegetable garden.  Some nice new top soil added to one of the beds.  But, since the ladies have been such dedicated workers she allowed one last spa day as a reward for their dedication.  



  1. Great way to get quilting! I have a roll of a template but have been too chicken to try! lol! Love the look of stitched stems... I'm thinking the design needs a little frog on the bottom and a dragon fly mid-upper left? Looking forward to seeing what you decide! :-)

  2. I I am working my way up to being a FMQ'er. It's a process and I am learning each day. I watch a lot of videos and stand in awe of the seemingly effortless process, and then I try to do it. LOL!! Thanks for linking up today!

  3. Those goofy chickens. Makes ya wonder what it is they like so much about the dirt. So funny.

  4. You are most talented. I would make a mess of this for sure. I flunked home economics in high school. That's hard to do.

    Nothing better than fresh eggs. Yummy.

    So many are getting ready for their gardens.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. Looks like things worked out well. The chicks too

  6. I think it's the end result that counts, and it doesn't matter if you use quilting paper to get there or not. Your rooster quilt is looking great and I love the quilting on it! Thanks for sharing it and your art quilt on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. Very nice progression on the quilt! Love those pink petals - gives a pop of color that's not in-your-face on this piece. And that's a big bowl of eggs for one day!

  8. I love when I can do "Quilting by Paper"! It's a great way to get a "marked" look without having to do all the marking. Those eggs look so lovely. Fig Tree Quilts has a bundle of solids in just those colors inspired by her hens too!

  9. Really like your machine quilting! I should try the quilting papers - Maybe I could manage that. Free motion is hard for me. I get tense, but I'm sure I could master it if I did enough of it. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, Judy

  10. Great bits of your week!

    I'm happy to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

  11. Your rooster quilt looks so good - love roosters! Good idea using the paper quilting patterns too - something I will have to check into. Marking quilts is not my favorite thing.

  12. Hi,
    Your Art work piece is beautiful...and I agree with
    your hubby, it needs something in the middle and
    on the left. Have fun trying to figure this
    out. Have a great day!

  13. Pre-quilting the background of your art quilt was a really good idea! I'm going to need to remember to try that for my next quilt in my Words and Meanings series, as I've been leaving them unquilted and just letting the words do all the work.

  14. I like the quilting papers too, especially for borders. It's hard to find markers that work with every fabric. Congrats on the beautiful eggs. So glad the hard working hens got another spa day.

  15. Beautiful progress on your art work, I love the double stitch with two colors!
    Good girls, lot of eggs ;)
    Thank you for linking up!

  16. What a fun way to do quilting. Glad that you are getting so much done.

  17. great quilting idea with the papers . Love the additions to your art quilt. The pink flowers are so pretty! Thanks for also linking up to Finished ( or not) Friday - ITs fun to have you here!!!