Monday, October 12, 2020


 I have been watching Alex Anderson on The Quilt Show these past several weeks.  Her current class is a pieced basket quilt.  I actually took a class from her many years ago and have a wonderful basket quilt as a result of that class.  However, a pieced baskets just was not what I was in the mood for.  

I bought this pattern sometime in about 2009/2010.  I have pulled it out multiple times and put in back away in the closet.  I actually at one point bought a second one not realizing I already had one.  But, Alex did get me thinking about baskets so I pulled it out and decided finally this was a perfect time to try it out.  

Bias basket handles and a small blanket stitch.  Instead of using invisible thread I am trying out Superior Threads Microquilter white 100wt/2ply Polyester.  It is easier to sew with and looks great on the primarily white handles. 

And the first basket turned out really well.  I will admit using fabric that is only one way has made it interesting especially on the basket's 60 degree side pieces.  

And a good start.  I am thinking 36" by 36".  I guess it just depends on how I feel about it as I go along.  I am also playing around with the sizes of the baskets.  Once I made one or two I realized I can manipulate the sizes a good deal to fit where I wanted them to fit in the lay out. 

I finished my Cold Wind Blows wall hanging this past week.  Even quilted it myself which for me is no small feat.  I actually started out doing eco quilt on the center section and had a fair amount finished, but just could not get over the fact that it just was no coming out as I felt it should.  I ended up pulling out all the quilting and changed my plan completely.  Yes, I am much happier with it!

I stuck with just serpentine stitching.

And even that worked well within the center area.

Many of you are familiar with my youngest daughter with all her chickens, peacocks and ducks, but she also has 4 dogs and 4 cats.  I gather this congregation was a result of salmon on the human's dinner menu.  

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  1. I love your quilt! I just checked to see if the book is still available, it is! Happy stitching!

  2. The basket quilt looks like fun. I'm sure a block comes together quickly which makes you want to do more. I love the serpentine quilting. That accents the applique so well. Great picture of the cats.

  3. Love that basket pattern--so cute
    And your Cold Wind Blows finished so beautifully--just lovely work
    Hugs, Julierose

  4. HAHAHAHA! I love that photo of all the kitties, Donnalee!! Yes - I would gather together with them for salmon. Yummmmmmy. That's going to live in my short-term memory all day!! A tisket, a tasket, a pretty-handled basket. I love where you're going with your baskets of all shapes and sizes. Yay you for quilting Cold Wind yourself. I think you did a fabulous job. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. You are so talented. Beautiful work.

    I love the kitties. Your daughter has so much wonderful entertainment.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  6. Hi,
    Your Cold Winds Blow quilt is beautiful! Lovely basket...but now
    I want to make I'll have to add that to my already full
    list of quilts to make...have a great day!

  7. Such pretty baskets, doing something similar is on my wish list. And such gorgeous cats! Next we need to see the dogs.

  8. Haha! Four hungry felines. :) Your quilting turned out really nice on your wall hanging - I've done that before. . . gotten started on a planned quilting approach, but been disappointed in how it was turning out, enough to unpick it all and start over. Feels good to see the second approach working out nicely!

  9. oh yay for the beautiful finish... and what a great new start - that is so fun - those basket handles are really cool fabrics!!

  10. I really like the basket blocks! I've been wanting to make a basket quilt, too. It's fun to see yours in different sizes!

  11. The basket looks great and I love the quilting on the wall hanging. Those 4 cats lined up for a photo is great! There must have been something exciting happening for them to do that! Salmon would be a great guess.

  12. Funny you should have included your Cold Winds piece in this post...which is gorgeous by the way and I loved the quilting on it you did. I just wrote on my blog about getting that book in the mail this week. I can't wait to have a good look through. Meanwhile, I've also admired this baskets pattern for ages. Love the fabrics you are choosing. It will be another beauty!

  13. That's going to be a fun quilt to work on. All the different sizes and handles. It's going to be fabulous. I laughed at the cats. They look like something serious is going on!

  14. Love that 100wt thread... invisible thread is always to shiny and hard to work with, this looks like a great idea. Your finished Cold Wind Blows quilt is really special, the serpentine stitch worked a treat. And your daughter's kitties, what a lovely and spoilt family of animals she has! Thanks for linking to Colour & Inspiration Tuesday.

  15. Your baskets are going so well! Cold Wind Blows is beautiful. I will feature it in this week’s Creative Compulsions. Your daughter’s cats are so cute!


  16. Although echo quilting would have looked good on Cold Wind Blows, it's always best to go with your gut. Your new quilting takes it to a whole new level. Kudos! Love those cute little baskets. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.