Monday, August 17, 2020


 I have a number of friends in my quilt guild and a small group as well that are wonderful art quilters.  I admire their work so very much, but just have not really pushed myself in that direction for a lack of confidence in that area.

I happened on a picture in an art magazine that appealed to me using a variety of fabrics and I thought that I had some of the similar fabric ideas in my stash, so why not take the leap.  

So I began to somewhat cut and paste some of my fabric choices on to this rather nice Batik background.  

I decided on some thread work to add to it.  I love using my double stitch straight stitch.  

I added a sun with the double straight stitched rays and quilted it with narrow straight stitches.  

Now the rays just did not seem to really stand out.  I recalled that at one time I a variety of beads and beading needles and thread.  I rounded them up and and after a bit of hesitation I figured why not.  

And yes, perfect and fun.  I had forgotten how much fun beading is. 

And it is finished.  I have added a split sleeve on the back of it.  It is now ready to put into the next Mistlan Art Gallery show, that usually takes place in April.  They have a textile art show and allow my guild's members to show and even sell textile art.  

Last week I was busy making my daughter peacock king size pillowcases and putting borders on bath towel for her bed and master bathroom.  We were waiting for this fabric and coordinating fabrics to make her two standard pillowcases as well for the bed.  So I was able to finish them off over the weekend.

These three characters are my grandsons.  They are all ready to go back to school, well sort of!  School is still on line in our area.  Every year my daughter takes a picture of them on the first day of school.  From left to right Elijah 17 a senior this year, Noah 14 starting high school this year, and Ben 12 this month starts middle school.  And yes the two older boys are 6 feet plus tall.  

And no the ducks are not staying in their new fenced in yard with their huge newly purchased swimming pool.  The patio roof and the fish pond are much more appealing.  And they are not above eating the fish either.  I believe wing clipping may be on my daughter's to do list this week.

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  1. Your art quilt foray is lovely! My sister does art quilts well, but I fear I haven't got enough imagination to add the texture they require--you did a great job of that. Your grandsons are tall--our son is 6'4" and his wife is 5'9" so we will wonder how tall their soon-to-be-born son will be. There are a lot of short genes in the family too :)

  2. Hi,
    Awesome art pretty, love the beads you added to the sun..
    Very handsome grandsons...ducks do tend to fly all over the place.
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Donna, I was really surprised to see your quilt on "Design Wall Monday" I am happy that you were inspired by my quilt. I was published in "Art Quilting Studio" in the winter of 2016 pg 96. It's also on my blog under "Dyed Designs." Linda Harvey

  4. You did terrifically on your art quilt. I especially like the beads. I'm looking forward to my granddaughters' back to school picture. And, nope, they aren't going back to school physically yet. Sigh.

  5. How pretty. You are most talented.

    I love the birds. Always a treat.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  6. Beautiful job on your art quilt collage!!

  7. Your art quilt is lovely. Having or finding the right fabrics is important. Maybe one day I will do one.

  8. Now that you have dipped your toe into the art quilt world, quite successfully I might add, you are going to love it. Spoken by someone who started in the traditional realm of quilting and guilds and has been making art quilts for more than 20 years. What you have learned, that will be invaluable is a knowledge of color and techniques.

  9. Your art quilt is amazing!! I think it turned out wonderful. the grandsons!! so good looking!! hope school works out for them!

  10. I enjoyed seeing your try at an art quilt, and love how it turned out! The stitching and beads you added to it are perfect for the look, too. Nice finish and fun photo of your grandsons, too!

  11. Love your art quilt, what a great combination of fabrics. The tree prints give it such depth and really draw you in. Perfect background fabric - all in all a lovely quilt.

  12. I'm so happy you took the leap! Great art piece. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss

  13. You look like you do art quilts as a pro! I think you did amazing for your first time. The fabrics go together perfectly, and I love the added touch of the tread painting.

    I just love your duck photos!

  14. your art piece is amazing!!!
    can't believe how big the boys are now!
    take care!!