Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I decided to try to start 2016 better organized in my quilt studio.  The facts are that I have piles and piles of projects in various stages of construction and tons more I want to do.  Plus I found myself involved in my quilt guild's process of preparing for a quilt show.  
I saw this Quilter's Planner on a Blog and decided if this type of system worked for me at my job, why would it not help organizing myself on my quilting projects and guild responsibilities. 
Plus it has tons of space for me to add in pictures of what I have completed.
And what I want to accomplish.   I have lots of things in progress, but at least feel better about having a way to organize them.  I really recommend this particular planner which is available at
and since this too is a project in process I am linking up with

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