Friday, February 26, 2016


In January I signed up for  Lynette Jensen's 2016 Craftsy Block of the Month.  By the way it is a free Craftsy project.  
I made this center piece, which was the January  part of the Block of the Month.  Little did I realize until February's blocks were added that I had made the hourglass blocks 3-1/2 inches instead of 4 inches finished and now nothing fit properly.  I fumed and complained a lot about my failure to read the direction properly, but in the end decided to make the center over.
Originally I figured I would just toss this center piece, then decided it was really cute and I should just make a table runner out of it.  
Well here it is and I do think it is just too cute to have tossed.  

I just did a simple serpentine quilting across the center of it then added the same stitching twice down each boarder, and bound it in that cute yellow print you see just below the red hourglass block.  
Don't you just love it when life gives you lemons and you figure out you can make lemonade?
This has turned out to be a super great finish so I am linking up with


  1. Perfect! You made it your very own, and very successful, design. I love how bright and perky it looks and your quilting is pretty, too!

  2. You had a make it work moment and boy, did you really make it work! Cute as a button.

  3. Glad you didn't toss it, it is really cute! Nice job.