Monday, July 13, 2020


I have been on hold for a bit waiting for fabric to arrive for a couple of my current projects.  My daughter asked for a quilt out of the stash I keep of finished baby quilts for her husband's sister expecting in October.  She selected one that reminded me I had left over fabric and panel blocks from that original quilt, so I decided to pull those out and make a replacement. 

I did discover all I had were these very small animal blocks.  Well it is use what you have.  
So I framed them out and was able to get them to a 6 inch finished size.  After digging around I did find four larger animal prints and framed them into 9 inch blocks finished. 
Then decided to do some simple serpentine quilting on it.
I found this cute print for the back.  The grey, black, and white are a perfect match for it.  
Just finished putting it all together.  I made a scrappy binding of the black and grey prints to finish it off.  
My daughter's ducks have outgrown they children's plastic swimming pool.  This past weekend she upgraded them to a much bigger solution.  The hope is that it will keep them in their nice new large pen constructed earlier in the week. She said they were becoming much too interested in their swimming pool.  Finding 14 ducks floating around in their pool didn't exactly please anyone.  Especially the teenagers in the home, as it is their job to clean the pool. 


  1. Yeah! for using the stash. I've been trying to use mine too but I confess, I have been to the store a few times in the last 4 months!

  2. Gingiber animal designs are always so cute! Love your little quilt. My nephew had a duck named Lola, now he keeps chickens and turtles and a giant rabbit...I like that better than when he was obsessed with snakes!

  3. I love scrap quilts. You get unexpected results. This one is very cute with those lovely animals. I can imagine that your daughter's children don't want any ducks in their pool!!

  4. Love that you were able to make a cute quilt with your stash fabrics. Now that they are using a larger watering trough for the duck pond, how do they keep it clean? It looks quite heavy to dump. I still use a turtle sandbox for my runner ducks. I only have three ducks. My husband wants me to get a "free" hot tub from Craigslist, but I don't know how I would dump it as it would be much heavier than what is working for me now.

  5. Cute quilt and backing! Fun to see the ducks, too!

  6. thanks for the great idea!
    I have the same fabric line!
    such a cute quilt!!

  7. Those baby quilt blocs are so stinking adorable! I would enjoy watching ducks play in the pool. That was a great solution as well!

  8. Your quilts are so beautiful. I wish I had the craft gene.

    Love the ducks. Yes they find water and they are in said water. Poor teenagers that have to clean this.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  9. I can just imagine 14 ducks in the big peoples pool, what fun they would be having!
    Its wonderful that you whipped up a baby quilt from left over bits, to replace the one just gifted, it's a great idea to have a stash of baby qui,ts ready and waiting.

  10. Hi DonnaLee, that is a really lovely quilt. I love the duck story - it would be great to see of picture of that! Take care.

  11. So cute. It's always amazing the great quilts people make with stash, I'm more of a planner. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  12. Hi,
    Beautiful Baby all the colors.
    Have a great day!

  13. What a sweet quilt you have made! Your colour choices are terrific, and the block size variation works just perfectly, with just the right amount of negative space. As for those ducks... they'd really enjoy the swimming pool. Good luck.