Monday, February 4, 2019


I ordered this bird pattern from Patchery Menagerie this past week.  I fell in love with these little guys.  I will admit that the 40 page pattern is a bit of a challenge in the beginning.  I had my first try about half done and everything was sort of backwards.  However, I persisted and here is my first bird start. 
And a finish on him to get me on the road.
After this I learned that I had the ability to just make all sorts of different choices of size and style.  
Bird beaks took a bit of time to figure out and perfect.
So fun picking wings and breast, longer legs or shorter, wider legs or skinny, and those beaks.
So finally I think I have this down to the perfect science.  
Well so I thought.  However, note the neck of the bird is longer on this guy.  I wondered if I should just scrap it, but for some reason I like it this way.  Reminds me more of a blue jay or wood pecker.  I liked him so much I made another with the same error.  That makes it a design choice.  So I am off plowing through my batiks with combinations of wings, breasts, beaks, and legs.  There is no telling where this will go. 


  1. I was just looking at this pattern on Etsy yesterday. 40 pages does seem like a lot to read through. Your birds look great!

  2. I like your birds! I agree that last one looks like a bluejay. Great design choice!

  3. Choosing the fabrics for each bird would be so fun. I can see how this project might become addictive!

  4. Oh!! What an awesome use of batik scraps!! This is going to be the cutest quilt.

  5. I can't wait to watch your progress with this one!

  6. I used a pattern similar to that to make a table topper for my mother in law

  7. What a cute little bird and the colors you are using are great!

    I love these so much!!!
    you are amazing!!

  9. Well it is 40 pages but every step is illustrated with photos to guide you. There are lots of pictures of finished birds and variations. I want you to play with them and make them unique as Donnalee has.

    These birds are terrific Donnalee. Thanks for sharing and the shoutout.

    Lynne Tyler
    Patchery Menagerie

  10. One of My favorite quilts ever when I made my Daily Bird from Lynne’s pattern! Glad you joined the club!