Friday, April 7, 2017


My quilt guild does a Hot August Night Challenge each year. Often times they have a theme, but this year they gave us a specific pattern we had to use instead.  It was to cut seven fabrics at 2.5 inches by 18 inches together, and one had to be a white or light colored.  The remain six could be anything you wanted even scrappy. The strips were then cut at 2.5 inches and the light square moved down to make a pattern of your choice.  I decided to do a V pattern.  I also cut my strips three inches to give my other six fabrics a better showcase.  I ended up using the scraps left over from my Blue Dahlia quilt top, which is still in progress.  
I quilted this piece with straight stitching using 28 and 12wt threads diagonally in the V pattern.  We are required to give our pieces a name.  Mine Flying Geese.  I know I am a bit early, but this idea sprang into my head and I had to run with it.  I think I just might have a winner.
This is almost a finish, just a bit more binding to sew down.

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