Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I pulled a pile of scraps out of my baskets and shelves of my quilting studio and sliced off some 3 inch strips in various lengths depending on how much scrap there was to cut.  I do not need another runner.  This one will be for my youngest daughter, as she washes them to death having three boys ages 13, 10, and 8.  I guess meals can be a bit wearing on table runners at her house.  
This table runner picture done by Maureen Cracknell was my inspiration.  Not an exact match, but I thought I did a pretty good job of using up some scrap fabric that came to a reasonable and pleasing runner.
  While digging around for scraps I also found these blocks ready to go.  Where they end up given this rather long skinny runner I have no idea, but it is a cute item and it finished off a who bunch of scrap items.  
So I am linking up if for no other reason than to encourage those with tons of scraps to do something with them.  


  1. wow!!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary too!!

  2. How thoughtful of you! My daughter has three boys and one girl - all under the age of six, so your post resounded with my heart! Such a beautiful table runner! Love those blocks as well! Nice colors!

  3. I really like the combinaton of colors you put together for the table runner! That looks like a great way to sew a quick and easy one. I don't need anymore table runners, either, but I keep making them! :). They definitely do make nice gifts, too!

  4. Lovely color combo - thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  5. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I love the scraps you pulled for the runner... you did great matching them to the inspiration piece. At first I thought you had the exact same fabrics! Love the encouragement to use up scraps too. Thank you for linking up to To-Do Tuesday!