Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Do you remember these?  Originally I hoped I would have enough to do the blocks for my granddaughter's boyfriend's quilt.
Well here they are all 88 of them.  There are 22 of each outside color.  They are ready for her to lay out for the top.  

Well one would think I ran out of scraps.  Well that was certainly not the case.  I am sure they multiply once you turn out the lights, and close the door.  

It is a absolute must to get rid of these things.  So, I have decided to sew the strips together in lengths, row after row.  They are a bit long to get them all in one photo.
But here they are.  The width of the quilt will be about 48 inches wide, and length until I run out of scraps or at least 60 inches.  Noah my grandson and  helper that ironed all the fabrics so I could strip them wanted to know what I would do if we had too many strips cut.  I told him I didn't think we would have any left.  I could tell that sort of disappointed him, so I think this will be a quilt for him.
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  1. Your comment made me laugh out loud, "they multiply once you turn out the lights" - I feel the same way! It's so great that you are using them! Lovely blocks.

  2. Great idea to use up the leftover bits! I bet you have more than you think still ;)

  3. love reading your posts!!

    see you soon!