Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I am still working on my quest to finish up some long ago started projects.  This particular project started out with a bit of a problem. I had started the serpentine quilting on a sewing machine that I traded in last July for a newer model.  The serpentine stitch despite my many trials would not match.  I ended up pulling out all the quilting on one of the blocks.  

I am just doing some serpentine stitching and straight line quilting on the pieced blocks.  No worry the pen is friction pens.  I love them, you just iron away the lines.  I know they say they come back with really cold temperatures.  I mean really cold!  I did an experiment with my grandson Noah a while back.  We tried putting the piece in the refrigerator, but no markings came back.  We next put the piece in the freezer.  At last the markings came back.  You pretty much need a zero degree temperature for a good hour or more.  But then you can just iron them away again.  They sometimes leave a white mark, but I have found that a little Best Press and a hot iron takes care of that too.  

I am doing an eco around the pears.  I have not decided if I will quilt within the pears yet.  
So glad to be working on this project again. 

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